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Whether you are seeking deeper  psychotherapy support or short- to medium-term counselling, our sessions are not just about telling you what to do.

The focus is on:

•  Gentle enquiry

•  Searching for greater understanding

   of your own feelings and reactions

•  Revealing how recurrent life

   themes may be affecting you

•  Identifying the qualities and strengths

   that have given you the resilience to

   carry on or overcome obstacles and

   how you can use these to positive effect

My aim is bring about positive change in your life. Our sessions may be highly interactive, occasionally challenging, while at other times a sense of space and deep empathy may emanate so that you can reflect and access deeper thoughts and feelings.

What can you expect

from Claire Sanders, psychotherapy?

"Nobody, as long as he moves about among the chaotic currents of life, is without trouble." - Carl Jung

07720 436 462

Giving you the

tools to bring about change

Many theories can shape and support our sessions, including:

•  Psychodynamic

•  Cognitive

•  Humanistic

•  Existential

•  Transpersonal

However I am not a purist. I seek to create a trusting and empathic relationship, responding uniquely to you and whatever you bring to each session.

Theoretical approaches

and practical support:

Through gentle exploration, listening and acceptance, I seek to create a safe, trusting and supportive space so that your personal history, circumstances and perspectives can unfold.

A safe, supportive space