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I am a graduate from the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education in Warwick Avenue, where I completed my Postgraduate Diploma.

•  Member of the UK Council for

  Psychotherapy (UKCP)

•  Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling and

  Psychotherapy (CCPE)

•  Certificate in Fundamentals of Counselling

  and Psychotherapy (CCPE)

• Masters Graduate (Glasgow University)

By working with me, you will benefit from:

•  A fully qualified counsellor and practising

  psychotherapist in London

•  A practitioner experienced within the

  private and charitable sectors

•  An experienced counsellor who has worked

  for a mental health charity

•  A professional psychotherapist

  experienced in working with people at risk

  of suicide

Working with Claire Sanders, qualified psychotherapist

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Claire Sanders,

psychotherapist qualifications and memberships

•  Stress, including work-related stress

•  Alcohol and narcotics dependency

•  Food issues

•  Depression

•  Anxiety and self esteem

•  Relationship difficulties

•  Parenthood

•  Bereavement, grief and loss

•  Trauma

My professional

counselling experience includes:

Sometimes the way you're feeling can't be as easily defined as "low mood" or "stressed", sometimes it's a case of feeling "off centre" or ill at ease with yourself. But whether the problem or issue can be easily defined or not, it's often beneficial to talk it through with a professional, at a pace that you feel comfortable with and in a safe and accepting space.

Can't express exactly how you're feeling?